Everyone is welcome here; to wear Baked by Lou, to slide into my DMs, to follow me on socials. However, only love, tolerance and respect is allowed in this space. Black lives, Trans Black lives and all Black lives matter. LGBTQ+ lives matter. BIPOC lives matter. All identities and expressions matter.  I want this to be a safe and happy place. Please message me if I can make this a more conformable space for you!

To be transparent incase you didn’t already know, polymer clay is a plastic product and that is why I only create made to order.  My pieces are encouraged to be loved and worn always, not disposable fast fashion.

You may have seen on instagram, I always keep my scraps. I use these leftover pieces of clay to make extra products like ‘waste’ earrings or incense holders.

The only time extra stock is made is for markets, if things don’t sell, or I make something that I don’t love to sell as part of a collection, these are sold at a discount rate for £10 as the lucky dip earrings option.

I buy the earring posts I use in your jewellery from a small British supplier in Herefordshire who provide quality Nickel and Lead free Jewellery making supplies.

The boxes and tissues that your orders arrive in can all be recycled. I have to buy these boxes to make sure they are the right size and keep the postage low for you, but I make sure the cardboard is not coated and can be easily recycled in your regular curb side collection

ANY bubble wrap in your order has been completed recycled from orders I have received, I never buy bubblewrap. Please re-use this where you can, too.

I make your fabric pieces made to order too. Any scaps or waste produced by these are used to make bobbles and barrettes. I only buy enough fabric to make your orders to reduce unnecessary waste from this too.

I am not describing my business as a sustainable business, but my ethos is to be as kind as I can, where I can, and always welcome your recommendations! 

🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏 🌏