This is the new look Baked by Lou, with one-off pieces and limited edition collections.

Everything in the shop, is the only one left as I am no longer re-making designs made to order.

For many moons now, I've released my polymer clay designs in collections and they have been made to order, in as many quantities as people have wanted. It's been an unpredictable guessing game at times!

SO from now on I will be creating:
  • Small batch, one-off pieces (I might make two of a piece if I fancy at the time) but once they're gone, they're gone!
  • Kind of like a limited edition collection, you'll get a pair of earrings that I won't repeat
  • I'll release collections with a countdown and advanced warning e.g. new drop going live on d/m/y on my instagram
  • I probably won't follow seasons, I will follow my creativity!!!
  • I will release collections when inspired to make and I'm totally happy with every single piece
  • No more made to order in unlimited quantities week after week

I started Baked by Lou just like this. So I'm going back to what makes me happy. One of a kind pairs, once they're done, they're gone, so be quick!